Rough day at work it’s 5 o’clock in the afternoon, you take the crowded metro to go home.
You arrive at your station, the doors opens and you realize with some dismay that the street exit is completely way off where you stand and you have to go through the whole crowd to get out : (

metroexit is here to help so you can’t go wrong.

Easy to use since only 3 taps are required to display the closest exit, and allowing you to escape quickly from the metro. What a satisfaction to exit the metro among the first ones : )


main features

Here is a quick overview of metroexit features

  • exit

    • streets
    • buses
    • elevators
    • connections
  • bus

    • lines
    • bus schedule
    • locate stop
  • metro

    • connections
    • wifi
    • azur (compatible)
    • alerts (push notifications)
    • alt. options ex:bixi
  • bonus

    • favourites
    • docking position
    • dark / light theme
    • zoom
    • talkBack / voiceOver compatible


how to

It’s that easy!

  • 1


    • Select your desired line between (orange, green, yellow or blue).
  • 2

    Starting station

    • Select your departure station through the station list.
  • 3

    Ending station

    • Select your arrival station through the station list.
  • 4


    • The exits will automatically be displayed along the train.
      Keep in mind the number displayed on the train and your exit door.

Check the arrow displayed in order to know if the train is coming from left to right --›› or right to left ‹‹--
With all this information, you can know which wagon will correspond to your exit.
Now, when the metro arrives, jump into the right door from the right wagon.
Finally at the arrival station when the doors opens, you will be in front of your exit.
You can now exit the metro among the first ones.


Once the train is displayed, you can select few options.

  • street
    • display the closest street name or place of interest (like Palais des Congres), sometime there could be more than one street.
  • bus
    • display all the bus line possibilities, among:
      regular   express  
       shuttle   night  
       airport bus 747
      Sometimes an extra information about the direction is shown. (N S W E, north, south, west, east)
  • metro
    • metro hub, a metro connection is available, and the different options will be displayed here.
  • elevator
    • some of the station includes an elevator shift. This can be very convenient for persons with limited mobility, pregnant women, persons with strollers.

Among other options you can find:

- ETA time, providing time of arrival approximation.
- Passing frequency.
- Opening and closing hours of each stations.
- STM current status, you can check in realtime for each lines if there is a problem.
( This feature requires an internet connection though).
- The possibility to add this trip to your favorites (Accessible from the menu later).

Add Metroexit Alexa Skill>

Metroexit is now available with Alexa and offers a lot of features:

«Alexa open Metroexit» Alexa will give you the service status of the metro
(breakdowns, information on the breakdown, resolution time, etc ...)

«Alexa ask Metroexit about elevators» the state of service of the elevators in the stations

«Alexa ask Metroexit statistics» to know statistics about subway breakdowns.

stargame alexa skill



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